July 21-Aug. 1: Tel Aviv, Israel

Aug. 1-Aug. 4: Prague, Czech Republic

Aug. 4-Aug. 7: Budapest, Hungary

Aug. 7-Aug. 11: Copenhagen, Denmark

Aug. 11-Aug. 14: Oslo, Norway

Aug. 14-Aug. 17: Riga, Latvia

Aug. 17-Aug. 20: Warsaw, Poland

Aug. 20-Aug. 24: Istanbul, Turkey

Aug. 26-Aug. 30: Dubrovnik & Split, Croatia

Aug. 30-Sept. 7: Catania & Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Sept. 7-Sept. 10: Santorini, Greece

Sept. 10-Sept. 12: Naples, Italy

Sept. 12-Sept. 14: Siena, Italy

Sept. 14-Sept. 17: Cinque Terre, Italy

Sept. 17-Sept. 21: Venice & Paderno del Grappa, Italy

Sept. 22-Sept. 25: Dublin

Sept. 25: New York bound


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