Blog Post #4 – The Holy City

TEL AVIV, Israel – Thousands upon thousands of years of history, and I was fortunate enough to walk the stone streets of those from BC.

Jerusalem, a city of history in an array of ways: religion, structures, what’s left of structures, the people and the countless different governments and rulers that have held power at one time or another over the Holy City.Each time period in history since BC and in the 2015 years since has made its mark on Jerusalem.  

  But before arriving, as Ron was starting his car for us to leave for Jerusalem, the car, well, didn’t want to cooperate. Then, we see that a light was left on in the car from the day before – a case of a dead battery. 

 After a 90-minute delay to our trip and a mechanic riding his bike over to replace the battery, we were on our way.

Soon after arriving in Jerusalem, we made our way to a church, not knowing what I was about to walk into.

For someone who grew up in a catholic family, the place we walked into is the exact place where Jesus Christ was believed to be crucified, resurrected and is buried is something that reading about cannot prepare you for. 

The place where the Tomb of Jesus is believed to be.
 It’s more than moving, it’s emotional to the nth degree.

I stood there, in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre really not knowing what to do, and I was fine with that. Religious or not, it’s not everyday where you’re at the site of – in my opinion – the most powerful death of all time, and the site where a person is believed to be that currently more than one billion people – a sixth of the entire world – worships. 

Where it is believed that Jesus resurrected from.
 So, besides going to where Jesus is believed to be, I also saw what is considered the holiest Jewish site in the world, the Western Wall. 

The Western Wall behind me.
 Seeing many Jews praying on a wall that was first built in 19 BCE is remarkable and a true testament to the power of religion for some people.

That’s a lot to see in less than an hours time, but oh so powerful and moving.

Besides the extraordinary sites of both Christianity and Judaism that I stumbled upon, just the narrow, stone-filled streets you walk through throughout the Holy City add to the authenticity of the beautiful city that is Jerusalem. 

 It’s a place that I highly recommend because there isn’t just one reason to visit the city. You could spend days there or a day there such as I did and you’re bound to see places that have such a powerful meaning in and on the world we live in till this day.

Talk to you soon,



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